Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) management programs

Under the new reforms the lodgement of the Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) can become a difficult process, particularly when more than one contractor is involved. Crystal Certification Services provides an AFSS management programme to help streamline this procedure.


  • Witnessing of system interface tests
  • Witnessing of flow tests
  • Independent building assessment and report
  • Liaise with building management to collate contractor certificates on compliance
  • Prepare Annual Fire Safety statement and sign off as Competent Fire Safety Practitioner

This service can also be provided for any new fit outs within the building to avoid complications during the annual inspection.


Recent changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (the regulations) that became effective on 1 October 2017, will impact building owners who are required to issue fire safety statements for their buildings.

Building owners must now engage a “Competent Fire Safety Practitioner” (CFSP) to sign off on the testing of each Essential Fire Safety Measure. This term means an individual signing off on the testing or final certification on an Annual Fire Safety Statement must be accredited by a NSW Government recognised body.

Crystal Fire Services has worked with Industry bodies and within Government guidelines to ensure we continue to maintain all of the required competencies.

Our Crystal Certification programs are tailored specifically for each State and Territory’s defined building regulations and legislation.

Fire Protection System Installation

Essential Fire Safety Measures (EFSM)

EFSM are defined as the fire and life safety systems installed or constructed in buildings to ensure adequate levels of safety for occupants in the event of a fire or emergency. When the construction of a building is complete, the building owner is responsible for the integrity and maintenance of the safety features and essential safety measures

Crystal Compliance Services will give you peace of mind knowing that you are meeting your statutory obligations and reducing the risk to life and property.

Fire Protection Association

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Crystal Fire Services is fully qualified with CM3's Contractor OHS/WHS Prequalification system

Facility Management Association of Australia

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Atlas Certification

Crystal Fire Services is ISO accredited in Quality Assurance, Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

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